Our Projects

Phalanx Scores Logo

Logo design for a local film-scoring group.

Logo Design by: Brian Burias

Project Head: Brian Aligada

Introducing BAMBUsaPINAS’ product line: Activated Bamboo Charcoal deodorizers, dehumidifiers and powder.

Logo Designed by: Don Mandapat

Packaging and Brochure Designed by: Patrick David

Project Head: Inna Cristobal

  • Logo
  • Business Cards
  • Brochures
  • Tarpaulins
  • Letterhead

  • Project Head: Inna Cristobal

    Designers: Brian Aligada, Dan Muñoz, Patrick David, Inna Cristobal

  • Logo
  • Business Cards
  • Business Cards
  • CD Packaging

  • Designers:Brian Aligada, Inna Cristobal

  • Logo
  • Posters
  • Business Cards
  • Menu Board

  • Designer:Dan Muñoz,


  • Logo

  • Designer:Dan Muñoz

  • Various graphic works done for fun.

  • Designer:Brian Aligada

    grafikGiraffe shirts we designed and made ourselves.

    Showcasing our capabilities in fabric printing and potential designs we might make in the future.

    Graphics on shirts by: Brian Aligada

    Vape City Wall Art

  • Environmental design in the form of mural painting for Vape City, Makati.

  • Artist:Brian Aligada

    Stradivarius 2017 Philippines Planner

    The European clothing brand Stradivarius launched a planner for the Philippine branches. Photo from SSI Life.

    Design by: Don Mandapat, Brian Aligada and Dan Muñoz

    Sticker and bookmark design that were printed and sold in various art markets by Inna Cristobal.

    Designer:Inna Cristobal

    Double Lined Minority Philippine Tour Poster – various designs for online promotions.

    Designer:Brian Aligada

  • 2016 Newsletter Design

  • Designer:Patrick David

    BAMBUsaPINAS, Inc. Website

    Website Design:Brian Aligada

    Website Development:Dan Munoz

    Photos:Inna Cristobal

    Living Free Foundation Website

    Website Development:Brian Aligada

    Residences at Commonwealth

    360 Photographer: Dan Muñoz

    360 Assisted by: Inna Cristobal and Brian Aligada

    Earl of Manila – Stranger (Official Music Video)

    Starring: Lalaine Quinan and Carol Ramirez

    Director: Brian Aligada

    Producers: grafikGiraffe and Earl Limjoco

    Cinematographer: Inna Cristobal

    2nd Camera: : Patrick David

    Drone Operator: Dan Muñoz

    Editor: Brian Aligada

    Colorist: Inna Cristobal

    Make-up: Pauline Jakosalem

    Jensen Gomez – Umpisa Music Video

    Starring: Jensen Gomez and Bea Puertollano

    Director: Brian Aligada

    Asst. Director and Prod. Manager: Inna Cristobal

    Cinematographer: Inna Cristobal

    Camera: Inna Cristobal, Brian Aligada, Dan Muñoz, Joy Cruz

    Lights: Bren Bernales

    Make-up: Inna Cristobal

    Styling: Inna Cristobal, Joy Cruz

    Editor: Brian Aligada, Inna Cristobal

    Double Lined Minority – Facebook Likes Don’t Make You Famous (Official Music Video)

    Music Video showcasing Double Lined Minority’s time in the Philippines and studio shots (thanks to Ballast Photography) to tie the footage all together. We managed them during their time here and documented their activities. Some shots were taken from their personal cameras.

    Director: Brian Aligada

    Prod. Manager and Cinematographer: Inna Cristobal

    Editor: Brian Aligada

    Studio Camera Operators: Inna Cristobal, Joe Sajot, Joy Cruz, Miggy Abesamis

    Tour Camera Operator: Inna Cristobal

    Extra Footage: Double Lined Minority

    Pinoytuner/Dig Radio’s Street Sessions Present: Inch Chua – Artful Dodger

    Director: Brian Aligada

    Cinematographer: Inna Cristobal

    Sound: Carlos Castaño

    Editor: Brian Aligada

    Photos of Pugo Bamboo Center for BAMBUsaPINAS’ website and marketing materials.

    Photographer:Inna Cristobal

    Assisted by:Brian Aligada, Patrick David

    Auraknot’s 2nd Collection photoshoot for their social accounts.

    Models:Bea Te, Momo Amio, Earl Limjoco

    Stylist:Rya Petines

    Photographer:Inna Cristobal

    Morning after type photo project.


    Photographer:Inna Cristobal

    A collection of various images of food and drinks.

    Photographer:Inna Cristobal

    Photo project showcasing Fatima Guerrero’s designs and the strength within that women possess.

    Model:Bridget Coote

    Designer, Stylist and Make-up:Inna Cristobal

    Photographer:Inna Cristobal

    Assisted by:Brian Aligada, Bren Bernales, Joe Sajot

    Street style photo project one calm weekend.

    Model:Amanda Brodett

    Make-up:Chie Gonzales

    Photographer:Inna Cristobal

    Photoshoot while the boys of Double Lined Minority were in Manila.

    Photographer:Inna Cristobal

    Assisted By:Bren Bernales, Joe Sajot

    Photo coverage of Etrapolation where they were in Hongkong.

    Photographer:Inna Cristobal

    Photoshoot of the sports wear of TheShapeShop.

    Photographer:Inna Cristobal

    Photo coverage of the French Film Festival 2016.

    Photographers:Inna Cristobal and Benedick Magno

    Photoshoot of the food of Manna Cafe.

    Photographer:Inna Cristobal

    NA Poster

  • Poster Design

  • Designer:Patrick David